Look at that smile!

Ain’t nothing like a rescue dog that gives wet kisses, big hugs, and unconditional love…even from the very start. That’s why I have five of them. From 10 lbs to 120, the love is all the same. Priceless.


The Best of Both Worlds

Ahh, my two favorite things…thunderstorms and the beach. Oh, but not just any beach.

I hadn’t seen a thunderstorm in three years, nor the beach I ever so longed for. The beach where the water is warm, the sand is white, the seashells are abundant, and thunderstorms are ever so present. I’m talking about the beach that owns my very heart. The one where I spent my childhood years and where rebellion and friendships went hand in hand. The beach I call home.

And when I came this day (to the spot I love) the Heavens opened up with lightening, and thunder, and wind, and rain. It was a warm welcoming straight from the Gods above.

I shall be thankful for this day, and all the little things in between.

Am I Dreaming

I was waiting in the last cold, wet, and lonely room I’d ever wait in. It wasn’t my first rodeo so I kind of knew what to expect, but I just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t finding my forever home. After a year of here and there I thought for sure someone would see something special in me, but instead, I was tossed around from place to place with humans who never took the time to get to know me. I was their play toy and when I didn’t understand something or did something they didn’t like…they beat me. I’m only a year old and already know so much about what’s expected of me. I shouldn’t make any mistakes because I have to be perfect. It’s wrong if I’m hungry before you want to feed me. Chewing on stuff is worth a beating, and barking to expressmyself deserves a swift kick in the ass to the streets to fend for myself. You see, I know what’s expected of me now.

…..Or so I thought.

My name was Emma and I never came when they called me. When my new family named me Chelsea I showed them right away that I was pleased and came running every time they called. I love my new dog friends even though they don’t really love me, yet. I finally learned what a ball is for, and when the gate is open I want to stay. I eat twice a day and I beg as good as the rest of them. My chew bone is as big as a football, and my bed is wherever I lay my head.

Sometimes I feel I’m dreaming, but each morning that I wake up with the sun shinning on my face; from the same window; in the same house; with the same family….I realize that I’m not.

Her reality is simple; it’s a fairy tale in a book that she’s writing, everyday.

In this vast universe of the unknown it’s second nature to create a shield around us that gives us a sense of protection. As children we need this sense of protection to obtain some type of stability in a not so stable world. Stability helps us grow, and explore, and develope to our full potential. As we become adults we begin to see the truerealities of life, and realize we must let go of our fairy tales and face life head on. Stability now seems unattainable at best, and suddenly our childhood is over. I enjoyed my fairy tale and and the protection I thought it gave me, but my fairy tale died long ago with the reality that life is no fairy tale.   

This world is wondrous and full of good and bad. Learn all that you can from this life you’ve been given, and take with you what makes you shine. Leave the rest behind. 

Unexpected Gifts

 Sometimes we wake up and drag ourselves out of bed when we’d rather just lie there. It’s a bit cold outside this early in the morning and my coffee still needs to be made. It’s just another day like any other I thought until I glanced outside the kitchen window. Phone already in hand I snapped this picture then ran to get my Nikon. When I got back not thirty seconds later this masterpiece was gone. Right then, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be at that very moment.  It’s the little things that make it all worth while; and I almost missed it. 

So get out of bed and see what the world wants to show you today.

Illusion for a Night


 Halloween is just around the corner and I’m so excited to play pretend! I must have loved playing pretend when I was a child; hiding from the atrocities of life and such. But I’m grown now and playing pretend takes on a whole new meaning. I like who I’ve become as an adult and would never want to be anyone else but me, but to hide from the world for a night seems like a great way to find myself again. 

Oldie but Goodie

 We are born into this world with love, trust, and beauty. The unbroken heart, the untainted trust, and the timeless beauty that has not yet been scarred by time. As we grow old the world imprints on our souls, and leaves an everlasting hue across our face. 

There is beauty to be found where the heart is broken, where the trust has been tainted, and where the face has been scarred. We’ve earned it ~ and therefore ~ we should own it. 

This life is a gift. All the broken hearts, the tainted trust, and the beautiful scars have made us who we are today.

 “hopefully, a better person than we were yesterday”